I created my first robot sculpture in my last year of college at MTSU. It was well received by my piers and encouraged me to continue to create several more.


Most of the names I use for my robots and other works are never intended to be serious. I find the practice of naming artwork not only distracting to the viewer but a waist of time for the artist. The work is important not the Title. The name of my first work is ” Emotional Robot II”. Why the “II”? Because the first robot was too emotional to be seen in pubic… I made an effort in college to make fun of the practice of naming artwork.

I miss having a kiln to use in conjunction with the metal and wood work I used to do in college. For me, It was very rewarding if I could get completely different materials to play nice with each other in terms of transitioning from from one material to another with a finished look. I also enjoy manipulating the surfaces of materials to make them appear to be completely different materials. Love it.

Unfortunately ER II didn’t make it when I moved to Phoenix, AZ after college. I guess he had separation anxiety when I put him in a dark box. I knew he was emotionally fragile, but I really didn’t think he would fall apart like that…

Perhaps I will make another just like him, one day.