I created this in my final semester at MTSU. I wanted a a robot with a mohawk and I really enjoyed creating Raku pottery, so I made a large mix-media piece. The head was constructed from an old utility meter enclosure (i think). The arms are mostly scrap steel and the chest or thorax area is stoneware clay that was Raku Fired.


As you can imagine the ceramic portion of this project took the longest. Construction and scheduling the bisque fire along with setting up a raku fire for a piece this size was certainly a challenge. However, everything turned out well in the end.

The construction of the chest, head and arms were all loosely done with balance. What I mean by this is that all the body parts were self contained. They rested on each other (they were not attached). This made for a very nervous artist. If anyone bumped into it hard enough it would collapse like a house of cards.

Although it was not my most stable creation it did have a lot going on and I was proud to show it in my senior show.

Here are a few images of the creation and presentation of the “Bad Day Bot”