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  • I can’t tell you how much money I have spent over the last ten years trying to hire help with setting up a website and other social media sites. I have finally found someone who is honest and worth every penny. His prices are reasonable and his follow-up is priceless! Clarke is patient and more than willing to walk you through any computer issues you might be having. I highly recommend him, as long as he doesn’t get too busy to continue helping me!

    Rene’ Steelman
    Rene’ SteelmanThe Steelman Family Foundation / President
  • I wanted to take a minute to send a big "Thank you" for the great impact you have had on my business. Your expert advice and assistance has been invaluable in building my blog and with my YouTube channel and social media.
    No one has all the business skills needed for success. I discovered years ago that the secret of all successful business people is their ability to attract a "master-mind" group of the very best experts on different subjects. Men like Henry Ford were often uneducated but they surrounded themselves with the best accountants, attorneys, engineers, etc. In today's business world an online presence is essential to success and you have filled a key role on my master-mind team.
    Dan Gibson
    Dan GibsonHome Business Systems / Owner
  • Working with Clarke has been a super pleasant and enhancing experience. My job request was not an easy task, because I own a multilingual website (English and Spanish) https://OrganicLife.TV and to make it all work with opt-ins and the different languages was a challenge to say the least. Clarke and I spent a lot of time (more than any of us bargained for) trying to make it all work.There were times we thought it wasn’t possible but at the end of it all, Clarke was absolutely brilliant in making everything work for my blog. I recommend Clarke’s services 100% and I will definitely be going back to him for more… Thanks amigo, you rock! 

    Carla Sanchez
    Carla SanchezOrganic Life TV / Owner
  • I was looking to get my website up and running. On my quest to learning more about how to utilize a website to enhance my career, I was introduced to Learn-To-Blog. So I joined the LTB membership club. While gaining knowledge about blogging, my business partner and I were conceptualizing the look and feel of my pending website design.Coincidentally, Bradley emailed informing me LTB was looking to help 1st time bloggers, like myself, with their website design. Learn-To-Blog's design team could be my design team, of course, for a nominal fee. It was a sign! I jumped at the offer.Clarke and Bradley helped me step by step. Although my original launch date was not metI am happy with the end result.

    Amanda Rosario
    Amanda RosarioActress
  • Clarke took a personal interest and personal time to read many of my entries and get a good feel for the message I was trying to convey and came up with some great lines for the header, as well as being open to ideas on the colors and content for the new look of the blog.  It is a powerful, eye-catching display when you log onto my blog which draws people in. There is plenty of content on the sidebar and a great search engine for finding old posts.

    Everyone who sees the way the blog is designed, constructed and can follow its easy flow, loves it and it stands out among many other blogs I have seen.
    The look of the blog made me so confident I found a way to reach out to Arianna Huffington and she elected to chose my voice and allow me to blog on Huffington Post, but there is a link at the end of each post where readers can click and go on to my main blog.  If I wasn't so proud of the blog I wouldn't have put it there. But I want people to see it!!Clarke has been especially helpful, efficient and always responds in a timely fashion to my questions or requests for small revisions.

    Mark Brodinsky
    Mark BrodinskyLife... and the Sunday Series / Writer
  • Clarke has been great to work with and a blessing for my business. I know that I can reach out to him with any project, and just turn it over for completion. It takes one more thing off my plate and allows me to focus on other parts of my business. As a small business owner it is key to have a team in place that you can trust to get things done in order for your business to run smoothly and profitably. I feel very lucky that Clarke wandered into my gym that day.

    Dave Fecht
    Dave FechtCrossfit Leverage / Owner & Coach

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